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The 8 Real Reasons You Are Tired: How to get rid of tiredness and be happy?

Why do we ‘put up’ with feeling tired and low in energy? By being constantly below par and failing to say an enthusiastic ‘hell yeah!’ to life, we cheat ourselves out of better quality days. When it comes to the underlying causes of tiredness, there are some obvious candidates and some that slip below the radar.

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Jesus and the Original Christianity

Modern Christianity is not the same as at the time when Jesus lived. The Original Christianity is changed over time; many original Christian doctrines are prohibited by the church. Instead, they spread dogmas that often go against the teachings of Jesus.

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Tibetan Mushroom Kefir: Preparation And Benefits

Tibetan mushroom kefir is raw milk that is fermented at room temperature with milk kefir grains (also called Tibetan mushrooms) for about 24 hours. This kefir has many amazing health benefits.

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Meditation and Restlessness

The state of meditation and restlessness are the two opposite poles of the mind. People who try to meditate often complain about restlessness that makes them hard to focus on their meditation. Sometimes they have uncomfortable feelings and other difficulties too. These issues can discourage people to meditate, so I decided to give a few pieces of advice that can help eliminate these problems.

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Belief, Intentions and Success

We have different beliefs and intentions, yet most of us have a desire for success. Nevertheless, everyone has a slightly different idea what success is. For me, success is rather a self-actualisation than wealth and recognition. Yet, they are all interrelated, but I think the former one is more important because that is what can bring real happiness and fulfilment.

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Media and Healthy Eating

It seems that there is a positive association between the media and healthy eating, but do not get deluded. The media is not concerned with healthy eating and healthy lifestyle. The media is profit oriented and sensation seeking, so they promote healthy eating only if they can make a profit out of it.

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The 20 Minute Timing Trick to Increase Your Effectiveness

The 20 Minute Timing Trick to Increase Your Effectiveness is very effective if you make an effort to stick to this technique. It has helped me work more effectively with less effort.

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Should I Give Money to Beggars or Not: Should I Feed a Bogus Beggar or a Charity Business?

There are different arguments whether should I give money to beggars or not. Some people will rather give some money to a charity organisation than to someone in the street. Let's see what the best thing is to do.

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What You Should Do with Your Life: The Purpose Is Ultimate Happiness

You may wonder for what reason you are born and what you should do. You may ask what the purpose of life is as you are constantly searching ultimate happiness. These are difficult questions to answer. Actually, no person other than yourself can answer these questions and no one can set your life goals, however, you may have a foolish need to prove yourself to everyone else.

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Evolution and Reincarnation

Evolution and Reincarnation are interrelated concepts that are discussed a lot in scientific, religious and other circles. They are different concepts, but they are the same; they are real, but they are illusions. As everything, they are a matter of perception.

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Money Is Trivial

Money seems very important and valuable in our society. It is often said it is the most important thing in the world. Is it the truth? Are those numbers on our bank account really that important? For most of the people, yes.

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Seven Things You Should Know Before Your Spiritual Journey

There are many things you need to know before you start your spiritual journey. I summarised seven things you should know before your spiritual journey; it is good to be aware of several things before you start studying and practicing a spirituality.

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Dangers of Hypnotherapy

What Are the Dangers of Hypnotherapy?

This is an excerpt from a book that I is not not finished yet. Title: What Are the Dangers of Hypnotherapy?

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Mother Earth: The Best Place You Can Be

Many ancient civilisations believed that the Mother Earth is a living being or a kind of life form. We are made from the element of the Earth and our globe has been associated with the birth of humanity as a whole as well. Our planet is fertile, she feeds us, so it is not to wonder that many call her Mother Earth.

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Mantras From a Western Perspective

Mantras are sacred words, which are chanted by Buddhists and Hindus, but for many Western people, mantras often seem useless because they are not present in the Christian religion and they are not really part of the Western culture.

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Healthy Eating and Mental Health

The old saying that "we are what we eat" is definitely is true. It is a common fact that unhealthy food can cause physical illness, but it is less known that there is a similar association between healthy eating and mental health.

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How Mantras Work and Benefit Us

Mantras are magic or sacred formulas (sound, syllable, word or sentence) from various schools of Hinduism and Buddhism, but there are mantras in other religions as well. Some mantras are from Vedic times and from times when no religions existed and they are many thousand years old.

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Om Mani Padme Hum

Description and Benefits of Tibetan Mantras

The function of mantras is understood slightly differently by the several schools of Buddhism. Basically, many Tibetan mantras are written in Sanskrit, but Tibetan pronunciation is often a bit different. It is believed that mantras have different spiritual power. Each mantra has a different purpose and benefits, both internal and external.

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Benefits of Exercise

Exercise has a long list of benefits. Experts have long debated about the importance of the exercise in keeping and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is fact that regular exercise leads to a healthier and happier life.

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