Money Is Trivial

Money Is Trivial. Don’t you believe me?

Money seems very important and valuable in our society. It is often said it is the most important thing in the world. Is it the truth? Are those numbers on our bank account really that important? For most of the people the answer is YES.

This book combines different views and provides theoretical and practical solutions related to money issues that modern people face in everyday life. Chapters are written in a rather holistic approach, where the author unfolds some sociological and psychological details related to our money dependence. Yet, he goes further from popular beliefs about money. He brings in his own experience and his spiritual view in order to reveal laws that are behind our well-being and prosperity.


Why those individuals who are needy refuse the importance of money? At the same time, those who claim that money is everything want to become financially independent.

A spoiled little child in a big city is raging in a busy supermarket as he cannot get everything he wants, while an old monk is happily spending his thin soup in an empty little room of a tiny monastery in a remote village. Why is this world often upside down?

Why most lottery winners lose their millions?

Why many popular recipes for success fail?

You can free yourself not only from financial boundaries but also from your other limitations which are interdependent with financial issues.

When you become a master of something that used to be a threat or a difficulty before, it loses the power over you, you can take no notice of it and it fades away. It becomes unimportant.

As your wisdom increases, it helps you reduce some of your fears and desires related to money. Eventually, these anxieties disappear…

When you buy something, you are not paying money for it, you are paying with the time you had spent earning that money. The difference is that life is one thing money cannot buy. So it is a waste of your life and freedom buying things. It does not mean you should not buy anything, but you need to be aware of the difference between your real needs and your desires that are affected by the consumer society we live in.…

In the end, money will just be a tool that you use in your life.

Ervin Vastag

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