Belief, Intentions and Success

Belief, Intentions and Success – we have different beliefs and intentions, yet most of us have a desire for success. Nevertheless, everyone has a slightly different idea what success is. For me, success is rather a self-actualisation than wealth and recognition. Yet, they are all interrelated, but I think the former one is more important because that is what can bring real happiness and fulfilment.

I realised that those who want to be successful, they need truly to believe that they are doing something good or outstanding. Every intention that is believed to be good and great (even if it is not) has an incredible power to materialise the vision behind the idea.

According to my view, positive intention helps the self-actualisation process that brings happiness and well-being and it does not harm anyone, but rather helps and motivates others. However, we rarely possess pure positive intentions and positive feelings, so we are often contaminated by greed, selfishness and competition. Therefore, there are desires for fame, wealth and pridefulness appears.

These negative things are somewhat normal and inevitable in our society because they help us experience and learn about ourselves, which can be a drive for change and development. Nevertheless, even if these contaminations may bring some respect, fame and joy for a limited period of time, eventually they bring difficulties and suffering.

Many people wonder why they fail in many things. There are a lot of reasons for that. I think they need to ask themselves if they are doing the best thing they can do and whether they have a positive intention. Only success from a good intention brings fulfilment. Behind every positive intention there are some moral beliefs.

Belief and faith are sometimes associated with religion, but they are related to self-confidence and assurance too. In my opinion, belief and intention have many resemblances. Belief and intention can straighten each other. Similarly to the intention, right belief has right consequences and wrong belief has wrong consequences. Immoral beliefs and incorrect intentions are easy to identify. They are based on selfishness; the idea behind the intention is not beneficial for everyone (like in most economic and political systems). Wrong ideas are going to fail eventually, even if they bring some temporary success.

A positive and unselfish intention which is supported by a proper belief can provide a personal alignment and strength to attract other positive qualities (like vision and creativity) and it has a power to eliminate all the blocks on the way to success. I believe that success which is based on positive energy (vibration) is blissful and long-lasting.

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