I am dealing with spiritual counselling. I complete the therapy with painting mandalas. As the impact of colours on the organism is already scientifically proven, mandalas do not only mean beautiful but also useful objects when used in combination with other treatments.

I found my way to spirituality, as many others do, due to my illness. The continual pain hardly bearable in the course of nine years made me sit down and think of the reason why I had got it! I did not consider myself to be guilty for a moment as you can hear in religion God would punish me with this pain. After reading numerous books and accomplishing courses I arrived at my final recognition – the laws of spirituality made me clear this stage of my life.

I use various methods at counselling, my most beloved one though is working with angels whom I believe in much. I know they stand by me in every life situation. Even if I cannot get off with some events that are due to happen, angels help me find a solution and tackle the problems.

By the time I realized the method was working, I had acquired by myself the art of painting personal mandalas and studied the correlation of numbers and birth tasks on several people. When I know one’s birth data, I am able to tell him/her about their life tasks and paint them such a personal mandala that would assist in the solution of the tasks.

I complete the therapy with painting mandalas.

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