21 Indications You Don’t Trust Yourself and What That Suggests

For a very long time, I did not trust myself because I believed I had actually made a lot of errors and bad options. I also realized that I was, in lots of respects, a liar. I lied to myself about myself. I lied to make myself look and feel good. I likewise led to others when I hesitated.

It is tough to trust a fool who consistently makes bad choices. It is even harder to rely on someone you understand is prone to lying.

What turned everything around for me was the day I realized that I was teaching my kids to lie. It was a very simple lie – I informed my kid to tell somebody I wasn’t house.

When he took a look at me and stated, “Where are you, Mommy?” I understood I remained in trouble.

There are lots of things I did that were acceptable for me however not appropriate for my children. Teaching my kids to lie and to be afraid were amongst those highly undesirable things. It took me an excellent minute, however I eventually figured out that the things I did and stated that I was not pleased with were the outcome of my not trusting myself. Ultimately, through the process of compassionate self-forgiveness and a commitment to structure and enhancing my character, I found that self-trust was my life preserver and my only hope.

Indications you don’t trust yourself.

How you treat yourself daily can supply some important feedback about your current level of self-trust. Compare your level of contract with the statements in the list below to reveal the thoughts and beliefs still present in your consciousness that might be undermining your ability to trust yourself completely:

  1. I have a difficult time acknowledging, understanding, or believing in my innate value and worth.
  2. I accept the unfavorable, self-rejecting messages that I got in childhood.
  3. I believe that I might have done something to change or stop the youth abuse, overlook, or desertion that I experienced.
  4. I do things to prove myself and my worth to others.
  5. I try to control everything around me so I can feel safe.
  6. I compare the choices I have actually made to those made by others.
  7. I lessen or reject my own requirements.
  8. It’s sometimes challenging to acknowledge or tell the truth.
  9. I am not able to discover, or worth, my own voice.
  10. I’m unable or reluctant to acknowledge or challenge my self-sabotaging or self-destructive ideas, beliefs, and habit patterns.
  11. I’m prone to catastrophizing – i.e., I’m filled with the continuous expectation of failure, dissatisfaction, or betrayal.
  12. I psychologically relive or rework previous injuries or negative occasions.
  13. I take part in unfavorable and harmful self-talk, and my negative ego takes control.
  14. I take part in self-sabotaging or compulsive repetitive behaviors that develop shame, regret, or self-punishment.
  15. I break the guarantees that I’ve made to myself.
  16. I fail to keep the dedications and/or contracts that I’ve made by others.
  17. I discover it challenging to complete what I start.
  18. I hold in anger, bitterness, or ill will toward – or I speak adversely about – those who I feel have harmed or harmed me.
  19. I deny or lessen my power of choice.
  20. I defer to others – allowing them to choose and choices for me.
  21. I rely greatly on my physical senses to make decisions and am frequently detached from my instincts, intuition, and inner guidance.
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