10 Actions to Control Your Ego

My personal experiences have detailed a clear life lesson in that to have a fulfilling life, the ego must be contained. Yes, ego is not always wicked and may even be a crucial catalyst for progression. Ego is difficult to manage in some cases since it doesn’t have clear boundaries, breach of which would signal to the individual to start pulling in the reigns!

Prior to I share the 10 actions that might assist contain the ego, I have to punctuate that in all these actions, the hidden style is thankfulness, without which, in my view, ego will manage us than vice versa.

Gratitude is not only the best of virtues, however the parent of all others.

1. Fast frequently

Appetite has a carnal, physical and immediate method of curbing the ego. It advises us of our dependence on accessibility of nutrition and the fragility of the body. After a long day of fasting the very first drop of water feels valuable and a sense of rejuvenation takes control of, followed by a sense of thankfulness.

2. Participate in funeral services

In addition to supporting the mourning family and friends and paying regard to the left, one is shocked by the distance of death with every funeral service. Regularly remembering ‘momento mori’ or ‘remember you must pass away’ keeps the finiteness of life in constant point of view, therefore rarely permitting one to ride the wings of ego and float into the skies of misconception. Burials, specifically keep us grounded in more methods than one.

3. Volunteer time

Helping teach the underprivileged has an incredibly strong imprint on one’s psyche. There are minutes of awe, for instance, when you discover kids staring at a color pencil box lastly open it up for the very first time and 20 minutes later on draw and color their first parrot in all its glory with their eyes wide open and smiles even wider. The realization of what small things we take for approved is so deep that one can’t help however feel thankfulness for what is currently provided and the joy of ending up being a conduit of happiness for others.

4. Contend up

As a 40+ years of age, try competing with someone in their early 20s in an intense sport or exercise. Then attempt to engage a 70-something old who has lived a well-examined life in a philosophical debate. In both cases the awareness of your physical and knowledge spaces emerges in a short span of time. Waves of humility begin to surge against the rugged rocks of ego and that’s an advantage.

5. Offer charity every three months

Without electronic cameras rolling, of course, physically attend to food and clothing to people in need. Though nowadays, with Coronavirus lockdowns set up worldwide, it might be a bit more logistically tough, however the idea is to engage in charitable acts throughout the year. No human being with a pounding heart can dare to forget the eyes of individuals she or he assists face to face. These images are constant suggestions how unpredictable fate is sometimes and keeps us on our humble toes.

6. Have a sense of humor

If you can’t take a good roasting, then possibly it is time to review ‘project self-esteem’ in earnest. A good joke at your expense must take a few of the heavy blowing air out and leave you breathing lighter, cleaner oxygen! That is why individuals with strong family ties tend to have much better social coping skills because they exchange lifelong ‘soft jabs’ with self-deprecating humor ingrained deep in their DNA.

7. Follow your role model

Have a role model or more that you truly appreciate in personality and conduct and not simply ability. Often, extremely competent idols can disappoint their fans by their individual behavior. Observe how this good example acts when showered with awards, when speaking with the everyday person, when the spotlight is burning hot or when the spotlight is dim. In different situations, a well-grounded person will constantly reflect his/her values of humbleness and grace. Replicate that goodness.

8. Listen to Einstein and Socrates

The more understanding we get the more we recognize we are perpetual trainees in a permanently unfolding video game of knowledge-seeking. Pride shouldn’t sustain in the existence of knowledge that continues to grow, specifically for those who stay modest adequate to keep looking for.

I know that I know nothing.

This is regardless of being considered one of the greatest thinking minds of his time. Acquiring understanding only reminded Socrates of him awakening to the tip of the iceberg of knowledge. This is true freedom from ego.

9. ‘Take down this wall’.

Ronald Regan’s Berlin speech ended with ‘… take apart this wall!’ These 4 words need to be branded in anybody’s mind who grapples with his pride. Ego is one heck of a wall-builder. It will not just insulate one from the outside world however also press his enjoyed ones inside over to the opposite of the wall. Individuals with inflated egos, I have actually noticed, struggle a lot more with solitude in the later part of their lives. Ego will bring upon unnecessary suffering in your personal relationships and the outcome is a compounded impact over decades. Don’t let this wall get too high.

10. Pray with sharp focus.

The act of genuinely asking is among the most humbling experiences in life – comparable to none, in my view. A prayer is limitless in its ask, but tremendously submissive in asking. Acknowledging one’s absence of complete control and depend on external elements moderates aggressive and ambitious behavior. All of us require this counterbalance in our lives for clearer thinking, much better resiliency and higher psychological and psychological wellness.

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