Air Conditioning How Is It Harming You?

For a great deal of people, life without air conditioners (A/cs) is inconceivable. A/cs can be quite the lifesaver when the heat and humidity reach extremely discomforting levels. However there’s a catch – while they make your surrounding temperature enjoyable, they likewise trigger illness.

Let’s look at a few of the health issues ACs can cause.

It dries up your Skin

Air conditionings draw out the wetness from the space. It does not discriminate where the wetness comes from. It could be the air’s humidity or it could be your skin’s natural wetness. If you stay in an air-conditioned space all the time, be it at your office or house or cars and truck, your skin will begin to dry up. If this continues for long, it will impact the inner layers of your skin. Your skin will start to feel itchy, stretched and ultimately begin flaking.

It gets worse, the water material of your skin helps in blood circulation and keeps your skin nurtured. So when your skin dries up, it will also start creasing which will ultimately result in loss of elasticity. To assist your skin cope, you can use moisturizers to your exposed skin and use clothing that cover your body as much as possible to shield your skin.

It generates Mould.

If Air conditioners aren’t serviced and cleared out regularly, the process of changing warm air into cool cleansed air generates moisture, which the A/C expels outdoors. However over time this results in the growth of mould inside the Air Conditioning, the spores of which will mingle in the air inside your space. When you breathe in mould, it might obstruct your airways and trigger blockage of the nose, breathing problems and sore throat. It could also aggravate asthma.

Moreover, for the whole period when the Air Conditioning is on, you keep the doors and windows shut which avoids outside air from flowing into the space. You likewise do not breathe fresh air in an air-conditioned room.

It makes you ill.

Typically, the human body has no trouble adjusting to weather changes. Natural weather changes slowly and gives enough time to your body to adjust. When you spend hours in an air-conditioned room and then step out in the scorching heat, your body gets confused by the unexpected temperature change. This makes you susceptible to common cough and cold. The outside pollution and dust make it even worse. An unexpected drop and rise in temperature level are a lot more dangerous for individuals with certain health conditions like heart disorders or diabetes.

Continuous direct exposure to ACs can have long-lasting consequences on your health. The only method to avoid these a/c disadvantages with respect to your health is to decrease your reliance on Air conditionings.

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