Alive Food Energies and Deadly Chemical Energies

What are the energy qualities of your food? Both “alive” food energies and deadly chemical energies exist in your food, but do we know enough about these energies? If you believe that your food can be sacred and its affects you mentally an spiritually as well. Then it is worth to read this article. 

Alive food

In the media and science, there are numerous arguments about healthy consuming. We all understand that consuming healthy food is sadly a past for some of people; nutritionist are worried about the convenience food products that dominates many people’s consuming practices which is a result of our changing lifestyle. These arguments are normally about the chemical properties of food and their impact on the body (active ingredients, effects on health, nutrition, cultivation, production, preparation and so on). It seems there is a lot of info about food and we understand how they impact our health. Apart from the chemical properties of food and energy intake (concerns about calories) through eating and drinking, there is a third crucial aspect, which is unknown to the majority of people This is the quality of food energies, which are likewise extremely essential, yet it is paid a little or no attention to them by most people.

As everything is energy I think that it is inadequate to investigate just calories and chemical properties of our food. Food energies correlate with chemical properties, nevertheless, they are not the exact same. They would be hard to measure. They are not printed on the food label and they could be different on a relatively comparable food.

Alive food is high vibration energy

Have you ever questioned why most natural medicines have no contraindications? Why most unprocessed food is healthier than processed foodstuff? The reason is because these things are not just chemicals (which are tried to be replicated by pharmacy institutes and food corporations), but they are either still alive or just went through a brief cooking or frying procedure.

(Nevertheless, frequently there is a long scale or a blend in between unprocessed or several processed foodstuff. For instance, when we cook a supper it has various active ingredients, some are processed (i.e. white sugar) and some is alive (i.e. green salad).

What do you think about alive food?

Live food are fresh vegetables, seeds, probiotics (like Tibetan mushroom kefir), fruits etc. Most plants have a physical aura and there are working lots of other energies in the nature, which we are not even aware. So, these ‘alive’ compounds are analogous or compatible with our body and with energies we require. If we consume unhealthy energies, they make us unhealthy. For this reason consuming synthetic food or food that has actually been manipulated often times (e.g. gene manipulations, herbicides, fungicides, fertilisers, preservatives and so on) is unhealthy; whatever that is abnormal or death is harmful. Does who are hooked on junk food are paying a terrific rate for their fascination. Here it worth to discuss that these unhealthy lethal food energies can make us addictive and they are more related to numerous diet related illness than natural food products.

If you are somewhat familiar with energies (or you know about energy healing) then you recognize with the fact that you can work on these energies. So you can recuperate your healthy balance in your body by recovery yourself. Additionally, before you consume, you can somewhat control energies in your food also to make them healthier. While by today it has been forgotten by people to pray before they ate their food or why in some cultures a cross had been drawn on the bread before it has actually been cut.

alive food

The circumstance with meat products is a little bit complex. Numerous faiths and customs have forbidden all or some food products for a different factor. Muslims do not eat pork (halal). Some Hindus do not eat beef. Jews eat kosher. What is kosher?

While many faiths do not give affordable description why some satisfy products are prohibited, I think that behind many dogmas are forgotten factors for certain beliefs and practices. If we investigate these problems looking just the chemical functions of different meat, there are some description should be some food restricted (e.g. pork meat can increase the cholesterol).

Holistic Approach and Diet

By studying these concerns looking from a holistic approach, thinking about that we are what we eat, which every food has different energies we can get a much better picture.

Depending on what food animals eat, it will impact our energies. Pigs consume everything, particularly wild pigs typically consume even remains of the flashes of other animals. They can eat anything. Even traditionally pigs has actually been used to eat even human flashes. So, we must not be surprised that the pork meat is not very healthy.

It looks like that the lower order animals are healthier to eat. The more smart is an animal, it is less likely we consume it? It could be a description why some Hindus do not eat beef. However, pigs are very clever, yet we eat pork. So there is some contradiction.

Killing develops bad karma. Even if we are not directly involved in the slaughtering it develops some bad karma. Killing is still considered as a sin according to numerous religious beliefs and laws. Some ancient individuals used various cermonies to clean bad energies of the meat and to lower the bad repercussions of killing. Those so are familiar with spirituality and energy recovery they understand that there are various techniques and mantras to do this.

It seems it is various eliminating a lower class an animals (like fish) than a cow. When we kill an animal, the fear and anger of that animal remains in the meat in the form of energy. These bad energies enters our body when we eat the meat of that animal. I think that for these factors one of the requirement of the kosher meat is that the eliminated animal ought to not see other animals when they are eliminated, as it will be less tensions. By doing this less ‘stressful’ energies will stay while doing so meat and this is a more gentle way of killing (however, killing and being human is very controversial).

Vegans and vegetarians – animal cruelty rate, factories

It is fact that the food we consume is impacting us. Both physically and mentally. Meat items are frequently heavy and harder to absorb. Numerous illnesses such as cardiovascular issues are related to meat usage.

Why we still eat meat if it is not healthy? Numerous investigates claim that there are numerous necessary nutrition are present just in meat products. However, I do not believe in this, as a well balanced diet can be made without consuming meat. Te get the complete protein find in meat can be achieved by combining other food items.

I believe that the main reason of consuming food since it is part of our culture. We are addicted to the taste of the meat and does who do not eat meat are still not constantly accepted by some societies. Our metabolic process is accustomed to high energy and protein consumption by meat and it is difficult to alter.

As we are somewhat familiar that our food can be ‘polluted’ energetically, we Ned to pay more attention to your eating routines. It is good to eat and take pleasure in the food while we are consuming, however out thoughts, speech and the environment will impact what you are taking into your body. It we consume it is the finest to focus on our eating, pay attention on your speech and idea (the finest to not speak at all). Attempt to prevent media, specifically news, as it has many negativeness, so it can significantly impact you adversely if you eat and watch these news at the same time.

Shop organic or bio food if you can afford or try to take in mindfully. Consume with awareness and thankfulness. Pay attention to the impacts of media you take in and the media that affects your diet.

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