Hypnotic Regression: Is It Possible and Are We Allowed Hypnotising Everyone?

Hypnotic Regression: Is It Possible and Are We Allowed Hypnotising Everyone? Do Not Ignore The Danger. In spiritual circles, hypnotic regression is a widespread method. At the same time, many people respond that they cannot be hypnotised by this method. For this reason, some are grim while others are proud that they cannot be guided back to their previous life. But no one mentions why they cannot be hypnotised and why this treatment is not good for everyone.

Regression is suitable if we have a spiritual discontent or stuck in our present life. But not everyone is suitable for this journey. A proper spiritual readiness is needed because sometimes terrific things can appear from our previous lives.

For example, for one of my patients, it was very useful, because in one of her regression journeys she realised why she is afraid to live a prosperous life. The reason for this was that in one of her previous life she lost her life because she was rich. In her present life she had knowledge and opportunities for a better life, but unconsciously she was afraid that she needs to pay with her life if she becomes rich. But soon after she realised that she is stuck because of her previous life and her subconscious fear was blocking the stream of money toward her, these energies of “abundance” started to get into her life. She attracted a financial state into her life that she deserves on the base of her present knowledge and action.

Time-travelling Could be Horrifying

But for example, one of my associates on one occasion had a horrifying “time-travelling”. I am not going into details – because I did not get a consent – but because of her behaviour in her previous life she has now a very smart yet physically disabled child. At the same time, in the present life she has the opportunity to fix her previous mistakes and to dedicate her life to healing. She was strong enough to face her old actions. She was spiritually advanced, so she was not blaming her destiny for the condition of her child. Yet she was investigating the reasons for this. She settled down when she found out why is her child as it is. But if she had not been able to tackle with these karmic stories, possibly she would have mental problems. Also, there was an occasion when someone knew spontaneously from his memory who he wants to marry. In her previous life, she did not save his life, though she could do so. He was aware of this; yet, he fell in love as he could not avoid his destiny. Of course, in his present life the women did not cause any harm to him, the love was mutual, but after 14 years they divorced. Then, he exploited her financially; because of his subconscious memories he made her pay her debt. The women tolerated this without a fight; she did not do anything against him. No one knew why she is not fighting. But she was probably subconsciously aware that she was paying back her karmic debt towards her husband.

I think hypnotic regression is a very useful therapy, but we need to look at our past only if we have a reason. We should not investigate our past without reason, just because of our curiosity. If we still set off and we realise that even if we turned to a good practitioner things do not work – because the secret remains secret – then think through, maybe we are not strong enough to process information from our previous lives.

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