Jesus and the Original Christianity

Modern Christianity is not the same as at the time when Jesus lived. The Original Christianity is changed over time; many original Christian doctrines are prohibited by the church. Instead, they spread dogmas that often go against the teachings of Jesus.

After Jesus had gone, a vast number of scriptures remained. The majority of these were written by Jesus’ disciples. But many writings remained from Jesus himself.

Approximately in 300 AD there was an awe-inspiring phenomenon. In spite of the Roman pressure and prohibition, Christianity was getting stronger. After the Edict of Milan (312 AD) Christianity was accepted as a Roman state religion and the Roman belief or mythology started to be persecuted. So there was a role change, Christians were coming up from the catacombs and at the same time, the followers of other beliefs were going down to hide there.

After that, in the following 100-year period, Christianity has changed enormously. The Christianity that started to spread (around 450 AD) was not the same Christianity as it was originally. It is mainly known only by those who study the history of religions. Unfortunately, most people believe that the church is spreading the same teachings that Jesus taught.

Christianity as an Illegal Sect?

At that time when Christianity was an illegal sect that came up from the catacombs and became the official religion of the Empire, the leaders of the church and priests sat together at many occasions (synods). At these gatherings, they took all the traditional materials (pergaments and papyruses), they read and selected these materials into two categories. Into one category went all the material that is today known as canonised works (the material not included is prohibited by the church). Only these texts went into the Bible. Other writings of Jesus and his apostles were stated prohibited or rejected (Apocryphon). It means they cannot be read or studied. They tried to give different explanations for this sorting of texts.

They said that the material that was canonised is from God and the prohibited material is from the Satan. According to some scholars, approximately 90% of the apocrypha material were from Jesus. So how can it be assumed that the texts from Jesus are from Satan? This is a self-conflict. So if the church is asked about these apocryphal texts, they refuse to answer or they may give an answer that “these are faith secrets” or “these are not for a fallible man”. Perhaps they would say “do not be curious because curiosity is from the Devil (it is evil), so you can end down into hell”. It can be also asked then, how can some fallible people have a right to sort texts written by the ‘Saviour’. This is a great conflict and paradox too. If we are mortals and sinners, how can mortal fathers of the church decide which texts are good and which are bad? Only a few people know that there are seventy times more prohibited texts than what is allowed by the church. This means that from Jesus’ teachings less than 1.5% is considered acceptable by the church (a list of apocryphal and pseudepigraphical books that some say belong in the Bible).

As Christianity is not the same as at the time of Christ, stating that “I am Christian” has two meanings. So immediately I need to ask: Am I following the church or Jesus? Many people ask, who study the history of Christianity: What was the Christianity originally?

What was the Christianity originally?

Everyone can do some research on a few remains of these texts in different libraries. I did not do much research, but I got much shocking information from people who spent years researching these texts.

Those who read these texts stated that as they had been reading they had become more and more convinced why these texts were prohibited. It is because there is really shocking information about Jesus, about people and about the world. The doctrine of reincarnation is banished because it would give power and authority to the people. In these old texts there is a huge number of teachings about the pre-existence of the soul and about reincarnation. These original texts state that the human self has a light nature, it is immortal, innocent, clear, free and it was once with/at God. Actually, from Jesus’ teachings, the most important section is that man and God have the same characteristics. The human soul is light. Actually, we are light locked into a body. Jesus said in one of his prohibited gospels that ” You are God locked into a bond of flesh”.

These prohibited texts say that the human soul has characteristics of the light and it has the same features as God. Some time ago, in its natural state, it was the same with God. But because of some fall or prohibition, it got into the cycle of the creation and destruction. Therefore, it needs to be reborn in different bodies, again and again, to experience life until it meets one’s debts.

If we are expelled from Heaven and we are for many lives here in captivity, when are we going to be free?

Respectively in one beautiful apocrypha text Jesus gave the answer, when Peter asked him, “Master, when are we able to go home”? Jesus answered simply, “as soon as you wish to go home”.

So the original teaching was that the desire for life is sustaining the Samsara (continual repetitive cycle of birth and death), because we have an attachment to carnal things. Also, because we forget about our ‘light home’ and because we identify ourselves with our body. So we believe that everything happens to our body. Pains and disappointments only affect our body or our emotional pride or ego. Our real, clear and incorruptible essence, is totally free and devoid of these things. The home here refers to the harmony and unity with ourselves – inside and outside – nature and universe (or God) and to our potential to get enlightened.

Jesus and the wheel of life

So the main point of Jesus’ concealed teaching is that we are going to stay in the cycle of the reincarnation (wheel of life) while we are listening to our body or we are following our feelings (i.e. anger, desire, attachment, fears, etc.). These two are dragging us into further actions, that are going to have further consequences, which bind us more and more. Whenever we die and we are only freed from these cords temporarily. We need to reborn again and to continue where we stopped before. After numerous rebirths, there is a greater and greater desire to go there where we belong. We need to reincarnate until this desire becomes the only drive in our life. Jesus says that in that moment when we are able to say that we are light from the light and we want to go ‘home’, the chains fall off and the wheel stops. It means we do not need to incarnate back and we can go home.

Are we all born sinners? Sinners or light?

Actually, the story of The Prodigal Son is also about this teaching. This parable gets another interpretation if we look at it from this perspective. This story is not about sins. This is a parable means that we often forget about our home as we enjoy our life, but later, when we suffer, then the desire to go ‘home’ comes back. That is why many religions and traditions emphasise on not wasting our life just on pleasures but on our spiritual journey toward our ‘home’.

The original Christianity was totally different from what is taught today. In the original Christianity man is God itself and it has the same splendour as God. It means, in the original Christianity the statement that “I am God” is not a profane saying, but a holy prayer, because if I admit that what commands my life is a part of the God.

Also, it was characteristic of the original Christianity that they said that God is not only in us, but in every living being, in every element and in everything. So it was normal at that time to adore an animal or a tree, because they know that God is in them everything. As God is in this world, this world cannot be a sinner world, but bright and beautiful. This teaching during a synod in 451 AD was banned. From this point, it was mandatory to believe that God had created the world from outside and that he is the ruler and creator of the world.

When an external creator is worshipped, the energy and spiritual powers go away and make us weak. This is why many religions teach obedience to religious authorities and worshiping an external creator. People should acknowledge that the Creator is inside us so we can empower ourselves.

(If the information in this article hurts your feeling, please do not take it personally. Instead, ask yourself, is this the truth that will set me free?)

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