Seven Things You Should Know Before Your Spiritual Journey

There are many things you need to know before you start your spiritual journey. I summarised seven things you should know before your spiritual journey; it is good to be aware of several things before you start studying and practicing a spirituality.

1. Do not expect too much

Like in everything else, you need to start from basics. So do not expect too much. You are not going to become a Harry Potter after a few lessons of yoga or by knowing a few special mantras. However, it does not mean that what you get is not beneficial for you. Some people are not even aware of what they receive and what a huge step they did in their life. The reason for this is that they are just relying on their five senses, yet many things go beyond these senses, but as beginners they do not know this. Some students expect euphoric feelings and they are disappointed if they do not sense any miracles at the beginning of their spiritual journey.

2. It is not everything it seems like

Do not judge by externals. Most teachers are simple men and they wear ordinary clothes. They do not behave as celebrities. They may do not speak too much, but if they speak, it is for the benefit of everybody. Also, they know much more than you think.

There are spiritual teachers that can help your spiritual development, but there are charlatans as well. Beware, it is not everything it seems like. It depends on your inner qualities if you can recognise the difference. Do not judge by first impression. Get back your ego and be humble. It will help your intuition and you will be able to see. Sometimes it is obvious that someone is just a charlatan and hypocrite. Good teachers are calm and they radiate love and wisdom.

3. Expensive teachings are not necessarily better

Like in everything else, if you pay more, it does not mean it is worth more. So whether you start a spiritual school or just a few lessons of meditation, do not let the price to decide what you are going to choose.

Teachers invest their time and energy, they need to pay expenses and they probably spent a lot of money for their education. However, it does not mean the prices should be very high. If the price is too high, then the teacher is very greedy and materialistic, which may question her/his spiritual qualities. Many good teachers are happy to teach you if you ask them kindly and they will not ask you to pay a lot.

4. Not all teachings are for everyone

We are all different, so we might look for different values. You should choose a spiritual path that is fulfilling your needs. You should look for a teacher who you can accept, whom you can look up to and who resonates with you. Like teacher, like student. You will quickly realise this. Not every spiritual path is for everyone. If you are not able to grasp the essence of a teaching, then it will not be beneficial for you. In this case it is best to find another spiritual path or another teacher.

5. If it is just an art of speech, but if it does not have a function, it could be a waste of time

You are living in the Information Age, where there are controversial theories and views about everything. As each scientific branch has many divisions, there are many spiritual paths and teachings as well. So those who are not very practical and well informed, could be easily misled by someone. I have seen many self-proclaimed marketing gurus whose only abilities are that they are good speakers. Also, I have heard many religious and philosophical speeches about the divine, holy spirit and different magnificent things. These speeches are often based on some beliefs and they could be peppered with jokes and interesting stories. They are just for the entertainment of the mind. Good teachings provide techniques and tools which, if you use properly, will be beneficial for you. But of course, still there are huge differences between different spiritual paths. I personally do not recommend short over-popularised courses, nevertheless, good paths usually have some recognition.

6. Whatever you do, it is a spiritual journey

Generally speaking, there is a distinction between spiritual and not spiritual (material or secular) things. Spirituality is often associated with the awareness that it is a somewhat more divine form. Spirituality (and a spiritual journey) is normally involving a search for meaning in life, but it has many perspectives, which may vary from person to person.

However, in this world actually everything is spiritual and every aspect of your life is spiritual. Consequently, so whatever you do, it is a spiritual journey and every experience is a learning experience and spiritual teaching. Yet, this is a very philosophical approach.. Yet, this is a very philosophical approach.

7. There are only ‘mainstream’ teachings on the internet

Most of the blogs and articles on the internet are for laymen. The writer usually does not provide wide and deep knowledge about teaching for various reasons. Public writings are generally made for a wider population that everybody can understand without reference to their spiritual level or knowledge. In addition, many articles are often made for entertainment. For spiritual practice it is the best to attend a teacher, electronic communication is usually not enough. Probably you will not get enlightened by sitting in front of your computer, but it is a good place to get some basic information.

If you are looking for a teacher it is worth to do some research, but do not rely too much on anything. The best information and the best teachings are usually not available on the internet and best teachers often do not advertise themselves. So, get some information, think independently, listen to your intuition and follow these guides.

Remember these Seven Things You Should Know Before You Start Your Spiritual Journey.

Good luck on your spiritual journey!

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