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Worry creates a huge amount of unfavourable energy clutter. I am a physical empath. Negative ideas, worry energy, or any energy for that matter, has constantly had a deep effect on me. This level of sensitivity has promoted a long journey of knowing and determining how to handle its impact on me.
Let me explain one of my experiences with concern energy to allow you to peek it through my understandings.
In 2006. I was working on producing and tape-recording among my CDs, “Transmutation.” I was also thrilled to be teaming up with a buddy of mine on another CD task, producing the soundtrack for her meditations. On top of this, I also had a full teaching schedule and other volunteer dedications. My days were quite complete.
Among the very unique people in my life has always been my mother-in-law, Jessica. I loved her. We had so much enjoyable doing many things together. We took pleasure in getting our hair done and treating ourselves to lunch. She helped plan the flower gardens around our house. She was a master gardener enthusiast, and I was her grateful apprentice. The craft jobs and scrapbooking we dealt with together filled our home with joyful productions.
I constantly cherished my time with her.
Jessica, though, was a champion worrier. She had a dazzling mind. However, when she was concentrating on the negative stuff, she might produce a very powerful field, especially when she was focused on one person in particular.
Ideas have effective energy. They are extremely genuine in a physical sense. Powerfully focused thoughts can develop fields, like clouds. Positive ideas, develop positive, or welcome, fields And negative ideas create unwanted, fields.

Positive vs negative thought fields.

Positive thought fields make you feel fantastic, vibrant, or euphoric, like being in your preferred place in nature. Negative believed fields can feel buzzy, heavy, or thick, like when the hairs on the back of your neck increase when something does not feel.
I had not realized the strength of Jessica’s “worry” fields till one early morning, while I was driving to a recording session with my friend. I received a blast of energy that practically drove me off the road. I physically hit the steering wheel
I do not get this kind of blast really often and I immediately requested its source. Jessica came to my mind and I understood that she had been focusing her concern energy on me. It took me twenty to half an hour of singing toning to get that energy out of my being. And to go back to seeming like myself once again.
Worry creates an effective unfavorable idea field. This believed field has a physical reality. When you are worrying about somebody in particular, they receive this energy. You may not recognize it, however you to get the full blast of your own concern energy.

What is the concern?

Here’s a meaning from Google:
” Worry: To give way to anxiety or anxiousness; enable one’s mind to harp on problem or difficulties.”
Have a look at the list of synonyms in the next part of the meaning!
Synonyms: fret, be concerned, be anxious, agonize, overthink, brood, panic, lose sleep, get developed, get worried, get in a state, stew torments oneself “she frets about his health”
The concern is nothing but WORRY!! It is every possible unfavorable scenario your mind can develop!! And what does that do? It produces a powerful field filled with fear all around you and inside of you! If you are focusing those ideas of fear on someone else, they too receive this field filled with worry.
There’s another part of this that is likewise damaging your own health. Have you ever heard or said, “I was worried to death about you”?
Each time you have an afraid idea, you are flooding your body with the tension hormonal agents, adrenaline and cortisol. The U.S. Center for Illness Control has actually stated that over half of all deaths of those under sixty-five are because of tension.
Back to my story. What did I do?
The first thing I did was to clear myself.
As I mentioned earlier in my story, I used to sing toning to do this. Due to the fact that I was still driving, I might utilize my voice and continue to take note of the road. There are lots of ways you can clear yourself, but that is for another article.

  1. I made the decision to take duty for my own worry thoughts.
    Later that day, I collected my 2 children around the cooking area table and made a solemn promise that I would never worry about them once again. These two teens may have believed I was a little strange, but to me, verbalizing this pledge to them reinforced my commitment. Whenever they are in a scenario where they could be in danger, like driving on icy roadways, I knowingly surround them with a bubble of golden light.
  2. I had a heart-to-heart discussion with Jessica about concern energy.
    She understood of my sensitivities and was rather stunned when I told her that I had actually felt the effect of her worrying about me. She informed me that she had actually been worrying about me that day.
    After I shared what it felt like, I had a special request for her. I asked her that if she noticed her mind moving into regular worry thoughts about me, that she produce the objective to notice them and imagine me in a golden bubble of light instead.
    I understand she did her finest. Eighty some odd years of regular negative idea patterns isn’t actually altered in a day.
    With all the chaos in our world today, the concern is widespread! As you now understand, stress ideas have serious consequences, particularly to your own health and well being.
    My hope and prayer are that with a little more awareness and responsibility for our own thoughts, we can actually save some lives.
    And find the PEACE that constantly feeds us.

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