When was the last time you did something tasty just for yourself and didn’t feel an ounce of regret? Hopefully, it was recently, however the sad reality is that a lot of us are socialized to look after everybody else initially and we’re called “self-centered” if we object.

The reality, though, is that if we do not make a conscious dedication to our own self-care, we end up being increasingly spread, ungrounded, and unpleasant. If our inner core, what I call our “Circle of One,” is weak, we can’t support our families, communities, and ultimately our larger visions for the world in the most empowered way possible.

Whatever else ends up being a little easier, a little less stressful, maybe even more fun, when we carve out time and space for ourselves in the midst of life’s whirlwind. So, how do we start to produce a continuous self-care habit?

One basic method is to simplify into the four-sided design of mind-body-heart-spirit. What can you do every day to support and nurture yourself in each of those areas: to promote your mind, support your body, honor your feelings and crucial relationships, and reconnect with spirit? Shared below are a couple of ideas to get you began.

Here Is Your Necessary Guide to Self-Care:


1. Document Your Ideas, Dreams, and Goals

This the primary step to getting them out of your head and into the world. Even if you do not believe there’s anything special up there, try spending 15 minutes each day for a week, composing whatever enters into your mind, no judgment or criticism. You might be shocked to see what bubbles up.

2. Attempt Mind-Mapping

The next time you need to flush out a new task, either for your home or for work, you might attempt mind-mapping. It’s like laying out a concept, only with circles, lines, and colors, it’s a visual method. Just do a Google search on it and get your art materials prepared.

3. Keep Your Memory Sharp and Your Mind Clear

This is critical to maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Whether it’s about remembering your daughter’s science project, or your boss’ meeting schedule. Crossword puzzles, trivia games, or card matching games with a favorite child are all fun ways to stimulate your “grey matter.”


  1. Keep in mind to BREATH
    Make a point a number of times a day, while you’re sitting in traffic or holding for someone on the phone, to take five slow, deep breaths. If nothing else, you’ll be re-oxygenating and re-activating your brain cells, all set to deal with the next task, difficulty, or phone call.

2. Rest
There disappears powerful medication than the rest. When you sleep undisturbed for seven to 8 hours, your body’s natural healing and revitalizing abilities are complimentary to work, leading to much better response time, memory, and performance. In fact, getting less than 6 hours triples your danger for an automobile accident, an engaging factor to turn the light out previously.

3. Workout
You do not need to be a marathon runner, swimmer, or bicyclist to profit of exercise. The simple act of strolling is a great low-impact, cardio exercise. Research studies reveal that just 30 minutes of workout can significantly reduce the danger of heart problem and other illnesses and increase your life expectancy.


  1. Use Your Sense of Smell

Our sense of smell is the most evocative of all our senses since it’s directly connected to the limbic system, the seat of all emotions and memory. To de-stress your heart, take a whiff of lavender, neroli, Melissa, or ylang-ylang essential oils. Or to simply improve general heart circulation, try basil, rosemary, or thyme.

2. Cultivate a Mindset of Thankfulness
It can do wonders for lifting your spirits and relaxing a distressed heart. Attempt documenting three things you’re grateful for at the beginning or end of each day. Even better, make a point to regularly inform individuals in your life, in the house and at work, something that you value about them and view them light up. You’ll feel pretty good, too!

3. Play A Little Game
Pick at least one conversation every day where you commit to keeping the other person the focal point, not providing guidance, reacting with a story of your own, or negating their experience (as in “oh, it’s not so bad”). Allow yourself just to be with her or him. Appreciate the quality of quiet connection that happens.


  1. Make Your Office Your Sacred Place
    Whether it’s your dining room table or an office cubicle, how ecstatic are you to stroll into your office each early morning? Does it seem like a “spiritual area?” If not, consider a couple of methods to en-soul it, maybe including a water fountain or aromatherapy light, producing a mini-altar of meaningful objects, or hanging a unique image.

2. Play
We all need a regular dose of play to preserve optimum focus, balance, and imagination in our lives. When is the last time you see-sawed with your kids? How about keeping some jacks or a Yo-Yo, or one of those little paddles with a ball connected where you bat the ball as often as you whack your head?! Could be simply the infusion of silliness you need to lift your spirits when you’re having a rough day.

3. Connect with Nature
Our connection to nature is a deep and visceral one, not for naught that she’s described as “Mother.” Whether you reside in the middle of the city or in a grassy residential area, ensure you invest a long time outdoors every day. Fresh air and Vitamin D-laden sunshine have a real recovery and revitalizing impact.

Developing an ongoing practice of self-care by nurturing your body, mind, heart, and spirit begins with intention. Include a little imagination and a pinch of creativity, and you have the dish for preserving a well-nourished Circle of One on an ongoing basis.

Now that you have your necessary guide to self-care, think of if everyone you understood made that same dedication to reconnect with and reenergize their divinely linked SELF-center. What an amazing power-grid we might develop!

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