5 Ways to Connect to Environment

We had two trees, one in the front yard and one in the yard. I invested many happy hours sitting under the branches of that tree that cascaded up to the sky and after that down once again all around me to the turf below my feet. It seemed to me as a small human that this was my protector, my confidant, my secret hiding place. I swung on her branches and felt solace under the shade of her accept.

One day the city came and cut down both trees. Apparently, the roots of my granny tree were hindering traffic, splitting the pathway, and posing a threat to the drain system. My moms and dads were not provided an option. Life changed the day those trees disappeared from my youth.

Whether we live nestled in the arms of the deep woods or the sound and shout of the hectic city, we are all a product of the earth below our feet. Many of our psychological and psychological disturbances can be traced back to the time when we lost our sense of connection with Environment.

Browsing us and watching the news, we cannot help but know the impact humanity has actually had on the big ball drifting in the universes that we call our home. There has been a surge of calls to assist recover our Environment, who is reeling from the damage we have done. Nevertheless, the reality is, has actually been here for centuries and will be here long past the time when humans enhanced her skin. The genuine issue is that we are the ones who experience the results of our senseless acts of pillaging the one who provides us with food to consume, water to consume, air to breathe, and a place to check out all of the aspects of our short lives we reside in her accept.

How can we reconnect to our Earth Mother and find healing and remediation for our souls? How can we offer appreciation for her persistence and continuing assistance?

Here Are 5 Ways to Connect to Mother Earth:


The first step in reconnecting with our Earth Mother is understanding her presence. It is believed in lots of earth-based belief systems that everything has its version of consciousness. If you understood that the earth had a consciousness of her own, would you throw garbage in her oceans and streams? Would you fill the garbage dumps with items quickly recycled or reused? Understanding is the primary step in reconnecting with the natural world that sustains you.


I try to make it a habit to thank Mother Earth daily for her gifts. I thank the air for the gift of breath, the earth for offering me with food and sustenance, the sun for providing me warmth and a sense of well-being. I thank the plants and animals which I take in to supply me with nutrients to sustain my life. I even thank the stones, crystals, and feathers which I use in my spiritual practice. Everything we see and touch in our lives remains in some method a descendant of some ingredient found in our Earth Mom. Every day, make it a habit to thank all the aspects of your life for the presents they offer.


I was taught by my shamanic coach to never take anything from Mother Earth without offering a present in return. This implies if I am out in the woods and find a feather or a quite stone, to start with, I ask its consent prior to taking it home with me, and after that I offer a gift in return. What type of presents, you say? Native Americans often offer tobacco or cornmeal as a gift to the Earth, but what if you didn’t bring any of that in addition to you? If I do not occur to have anything with me to use, I offer a piece of my hair or, as a Reiki Master, I will send Reiki energy to the Earth for whatever she needs it for. By offering hair or spit or whatever you have, you are gifting the earth with a piece of your essence. Everything that belongs of you contains your specific energy and vibration. Environment utilizes everything as fertilizer for what will eventually grow or be birthed out of her womb. Make sure to infuse your gift with love and thankfulness.

If you are home, you can always provide gifts to the Earth and its animals. I like to gift the ant kingdom with honey or fruit prior to asking for that they stay outdoors my home. If I am requesting good weather condition for a journey, I often will present the Earth with an apple, cutting it 4 times and thanking the 4 directions for hearing my request. If a friend of yours or relative was always requesting things and never using thankfulness or reciprocating in any way, would you continue to provide to them without question?


One thing we can all do is to do our part to keep our Mother Earth clean and healthy. Provide to charities that are tidying up the oceans or take part in among those adopt-a-highway occasion. Recycle. Reuse. If you are taking a walk, take a bag with you and get another person’s garbage. Buy a reusable straw for those times you are purchasing beverages out and about.


This is my last suggestion, but perhaps the most crucial for your sense of well-being. Go outside. Breathe the air. Feel the rain on your face. Remove your shoes and let your bare feet touch the dirt. Feel the energy of your Earth Mom and reconnect.

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