How to Discover Your Soul Tribe In The Digital Age

Finding and connecting with your soul tribe is more crucial than ever – not just for connection, however likewise to prosper in our modern society.

Like many of us on a course towards more alignment, expression and function, you might likewise be finding it tough to attract and connect with a strong community of mindful and similar human beings, passionately called your ‘Soul People’. With the ability to get in touch with anybody, all the time (online) we find ourselves crowded with ‘connections for connections-sake’ and doing not have intent or curation with those we hang out with. Perhaps you can resonate with this?

Lots of state we are ‘more linked than ever before,’ which is extremely true and exciting for the online world. We can see and feel however, that culturally and on the ground we are lacking this sense of connection and neighborhood with our soul tribe. As people who are looking for more purpose and a more aligned way of life, having the company of aligned people with similar values and beliefs is exceptionally essential.

The human experience is produced by the aspects of psychology, physiology, sociology and ecology. All of these are required for us to thrive. Some of these we can handle on our own, but others, particularly sociology and ecology, need that we be in community with and connection to others of like heart and mind.

It is said that the environments and the company we keep are 2 of the greatest influencers on our own experience and habits, which quite define the general quality of our lives and the level of joy, contentment and satisfaction we are able to accomplish. As such, discovering your soul tribe is extraordinarily essential if you value the above things.

How exactly do we go about discovering and attracting our soul tribe? How– and where – do we need to appear in order to align ourselves with those we feel closest to in the jungles of social networks and most significantly, in real time and area?

Technology is shuffling the method society functions and runs at the most essential levels, especially in relation to forming and connecting with likeminded neighborhood and our soul tribe. In this modern world, it’s incredibly crucial to comprehend the underlying principles and mindsets that lead us to align with and attract our soul tribe.

I dive into this subject in significant depth in my brand-new book Modern Tribe which I wrote to resolve the extremely issue of discovering your people in the modern, digital age. Below you’ll find the formula and some simple however effective practices for attracting your soul tribe effortlessly– as a natural extension of your self-expression and who you are.

The Formula for Finding Your Soul Tribe

Self-awareness + Expression + Intent = Attracting your soul tribe without constantly ‘attempting’.

1. Self-Awareness.

Like with a lot of things on our hero’s journey of individual evolution and spiritual growth, we require to start with self-awareness.

Ask yourself:.

  • When you envision the future experience you will have, what does it seem like?
  • What values do you embody?

Normally these will be extremely comparable, if not the same as the worth’s your soul people holds. Possibly it’s openness, creative expression, adventure and nature or something else. Getting clear on your worth’s and personal vision is incredibly essential for finding your soul people. You want to find the group of individuals who share these values and vision. No matter what you value and what your vision is, there is a similar-minded group of people out there awaiting you somewhere. With 7 billion individuals on the planet, you can be sure your soul tribe exists.

Sit still in stillness in an environment that inspires you, meditate and envision what your ideal tribe would seem like. Not seeing what it looks like, however what it seems like!

2. Express and Embody.

Now that you understand this sensation you want to experience, your difficulty is to in fact embody and express these values in your life completely. This is the most difficult step! It is easy to think up some words and values, but it takes a little vulnerability and dedication to embody them fully. However, this is important to attracting your soul people.

To help, try composing a personal vision declaration about your brand-new story and the brand-new values you are committing to living by. “I am present, listening to my intuition, expressing my creativity and sharing my love of biomimicry,” for example. This is an effective affirmation that you can repeat to yourself daily to help you remain calibrated to your values and vision.

Performing in full alignment with these values and vision is by far the fastest method to attracting and aligning yourself with your soul tribe.

Write this somewhere that you will see it frequently and make it a practice to read it and feel it every morning prior to you enter your day!

3. Objective

The next and last action you need to take in attracting your soul people is purposely and intentionally positioning yourself in the ideal locations and spaces. You can express your worth’s for calmness, presence and sustainability but if you put yourself in bars and clubs where there tends to be a shallow culture, you might be misaligning yourself with where your soul tribe is locationally on the planet. Additionally, you can go to yoga and meditation classes or volunteer at a community garden and experience much higher locational alignment with where your soul people is most likely to be.

Ask yourself, where might your soul people hang out? Where would you most likely strike a spontaneous conversation with your next best buddy that shares the exact same values and/or vision with you? Immerse yourself and reveal yourself in these places as much as possible! Be open to checking out new locations to find your soul people. Do not get discouraged if the first few locations do not promote the connection you had actually expected. Oftentimes they do! Other times it’s a bit longer journey. Keep at it because soul people operate on the network effect, which implies as soon as you get linked to a few people in your soul people, most everyone on the planet is connected to those individuals within a couple of degrees of separation.

You don’t personally need to understand everybody. You just require to understand a few individuals and through the wonders and interwoven web of social networks and individual networks you will soon be connected to an international soul tribe of like-minded individuals.

How to Create A Lot More Connection and People

I think that cultivating significant connection and community is the solution to a lot of our world’s biggest issues. Much of the planetary challenges we deal with – war, hardship, and ecological damage – originate from a lack of deep soul connection and neighborhood. We require to imagine how we cohabit. There is a brand-new living viewpoint based off tribal living and sharing that is emerging that I think addresses the essential problems at the core of our disconnection: I call it the Modern People.

For more workouts like this to help you find your people and be part of the motion towards a more communal, informed future, order your copy of Modern People today at Each order is a choose a new, growing future for humankind. Join us.

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