Personalised Mandalas

The word mandala is of Sanskrit origin and it means circle. Mandalas have been used for millenniums as a tool for meditation. There is a lot of information about the forms and colours of mandalas. It is scientifically proved that colours affect our body, just think about colour and light therapy.

When I have decided to supplement my therapy by mandala painting, I have started to realise that if I replace the code of our birth with the number of our chakras there is a magnificent correspondence. I replace the codes of our birth with the numbers of our chakras and I use the colours of these chakras to paint my personalised and therapeutic mandalas.

Numerology and Mandalas

The way I calculate the code that I reduce the date of our birth to a single number. For example, from 26 there will be 26/8. Then I check if the individual has any problem with the 2nd chakra (control of desires) or with the 6th chakra (intuition, spiritual principles).

The number 8 does not need to separately look into because this is an “angelic” number.

By investigating many cases, I am sure that there is an entire connection among the date of birth, the codes calculated from this date and the life story. There was no exception that someone did not have a challenge or learning opportunity on those chakras that are present in the date of birth.

Destiny Number and Life Lessons

In numerology, this code is called destiny number. This calculation is also used by Dan Millman in his book called The Life You Were Born to Live as a life task system. These numbers come with us when we are born because we came by the intention to learn and to attract the exact people into our life for this task. From parents to teachers and from friends to relationships we attract exactly those people who can give us lessons that are suitable for the right subject matter of our everyday life. Because the life is a lesson and the curriculum was made by us before we were born. We chose the subjects we need to work on to improve and we attract those ‘teachers’ that are needed for our subjects.


Often we feel that our relationships are not simple, but then it is good to know that we planned and chose them. When we can handle this situation from a certain distance (we can observe it from outside), we can even say thank you for these people that participated (in our ‘training’), because they would have a better life if they are nice with us. But then there would be no opportunity for learning and development.

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