60 Tips To Lose Weight

By looking on weight problem holistically I have collected 60 tips to lose weight. By using these simple tips, you can gradually develop strategies that work. Being fit gives a number of advantages, but perhaps the most important is that losing weight can reduce the risk of some potentially serious health problems. For some people losing weight could be a real challenge. Consequently, I believe, a holistic way of weight loss is more health-friendly and more effective than any single mainstream diet, yet it can be combined with other weight losing strategies.

What do I mean by a holistic approach? A holistic view means that all aspects of your life and your character should be considered when you want to lose weight. Also, it means that you want to improve your life and health by losing your weight and you are not focusing only on one part of your body where you have excess of weight. Instead, you are focusing on the long term benefits of your health and well-being . So read these tips , they will definitely help you losing your weight:

Effort and Strategy

  • 1. Commitment to start a healthy diet
  • 2. Control your portion
  • 3. Be persistent and ignore facts that go against your diet
  • 4. Set short term goals to achieve the long term one
  • 5. Follow a personalized diet program that works for you
  • 3. Do not go with diet programs that are too restrictive
  • 4. Eliminate excuses
  • 5. Determine more reasons to go on a diet
  • 6. Get the support that you need


  • 7. Avoid coke and soda drink
  • 8. Do not drink energy drinks
  • 9. Make homemade fruit juice
  • 10. Drink more fresh water and natural fruit juices
  • 11. Drink green tea to burn fats and boost your health
  • 12. Minimize your liquid intake during meal times
  • 13. Avoid alcohol
  • 14. Use skimmed milk

(Un)Healthy foods

  • 15. Avoid fast food
  • 16. Eat more natural and less artificial food (link dead food)
  • 17. Eat foods that are low in calorie and are easy to digest
  • 18. Eat more good fats to get rid of bad fats.
  • 19. Include a good source of protein in every meal and less sugar
  • 20. Carbohydrates are important but avoid simple carbohydrates
  • 21. Adding Apple Cider vinegar to your sauces and salads can burn fats
  • 22. Eat more spicy food (helps burning fats)
  • 23. Eat fruits and vegetables
  • 24. Go organic
  • 25. Eat more fiber

How and When

  • 26. Eat at your dining table
  • 27. Avoid doing other things when eating (link)
  • 28. Eat before visiting the grocery store
  • 29. Minimize eating at restaurants
  • 30. Bring a home cooked meal to your work
  • 31. Use a smaller plate
  • 32. Eat only if you are really hungry
  • 33. Eat slower
  • 34. Chew your foods properly
  • 35. Do not eat before bed (have a 3-hour gap)

Positive Feelings

  • 36. Eat to live and not another way around
  • 37. Enjoy your meal
  • 38. Get some positive feelings and pleasures from other things
  • 39. Develop a strong desire to lose weight
  • 40. Think positively
  • 41. Accept who you are and be ready to change
  • 42. Open your heart to people and get more love
  • 43. Find yourself a partner or a family member who wants to lose weight
  • 44. Learn to say NO to people who encourage you to live unhealthy
  • 45. Enjoy eating with a friend who consumes lesser amount of foods than your usual portion
  • 46. Go for a walk together


  • 47. Exercise more (link)
  • 48. Avoid using your car on short distances. Walk or cycle instead
  • 49. Make exercise a habit


  • 50. Be mindful, try meditation (see also link 1, link 2)
  • 51. Eat mindful portions more times in a day
  • 52. Be aware of the things that can trigger you to eat
  • 53. Be aware of nutritional facts behind different food items

Other Tips To Lose Weight

  • 54. Clear your cupboard of unhealthy foods
  • 55. Reward yourself occasionally (link)
  • 56. Do not set your expectations too high

Also Important

  • 57. Try to have at least one bowel movements per day
  • 58. Get enough rest and sleep enough
  • 59. Manage your stress
  • 60. Spend more time in nature

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