The Healing Power of Yoga is Revealing Surprising Effects on the Genetic Level

Meditation and the brain how it changes, a new research study is revealing that the recovery power of yoga is tremendous.

Yoga is deep. It’s simple to forget that in a room loaded with designer-spandex-clad nouveau rich themselves a mere microcosm of a bigger culture that has actually commercialized, digested, spit up, and commoditized almost every aspect of this ancient spiritual practice-that when you trace it back to its roots, yoga is a downright magical pursuit, with noticeably esoteric origins in secretive Hindu lineages. To the ancient rishis, seers, and sages who birthed it to the world, yoga was (and still is) a spiritual science that enormously sped up the recovery, purification, and preparation of the mind, body, and spirit for sophisticated stages of awareness and presentness.

How Yoga Heals Your Body?

It needs to come as no surprise, that a current Norwegian research study released in the distinguished medical journal PLOS One has shown that as little as 2 hours of a recovery yoga practice integrating postures (asanas), breath work, and quick meditation induces quantifiable changes in the body all the method down to the genetic level. In a lovely marriage of science and spirituality, the scientists discovered that peripheral blood mononuclear cells, or PBMCs, were substantially upregulated (i.e., positively affected) by the combined healing yoga-breath work-meditation practice, a common mix in a lot of yoga classes in the West.

“There are fast and significant gene expression changes throughout a comprehensive recovery yoga program.”

PBMCs are a kind of blood cell that are intimately involved in the regulation and balance of the body immune system and a host of other crucial body processes, affecting a number of organs and the digestion system. And, because of the complex, cascading interrelationship in between various cells and processes in the body, the Norwegian researchers hypothesize that there are in reality much further-reaching results than they were able to determine based upon existing scientific knowledge of these interactions.

“There are fast (within two hours of start of practice) and significant gene expression modifications throughout a detailed healing yoga program,” the research group writes in the study.” The researchers keep in mind that, “these data recommend that previously reported effects of yoga practices have an important physiological part at the molecular level, which is initiated right away throughout practice and might form the basis for the long-term stable results.”

These findings are in line with the extensively reported subjective experiences of a well-rounded yoga class that consists of breath work and meditation, which typically vary from feeling “remarkable” to “blissed out.” However, in all seriousness, the Norwegian scientists have broken significant ground in showing an objective biological link to the general sensation of wellbeing most people report after their practice; and, what’s more, that recovery yoga straight promotes quantifiable changes in the body immune system in a positive way.

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