The Truth About Food and Drug Products

It is the time to know the real truth about food and drug products. Medicine and food production is advancing at an incredible rate. But unfortunately the focus is more often on the profit than on the health benefits of these products. In addition, the agriculture and food production is focusing primarily on quantity and taste, but not on the quality of the food. Therefore, the food and drug production have led to many illnesses. There is crisis in terms of food security due to the world’s growing population. It is a challenge to provide nutritious, affordable and high-quality food. This is just partly due to environmental changes and declining resources. The main problems is that all these issues are largely ignored when the profit is the priority.

What are the main problems with the food products and medications that we are consuming?


  • Genetically modified
  • Additives and preservatives
  • Artificial colouring and flavour enhancers
  • Pesticides and fungicides
  • Processed food (like white flour and sugar is less healthy than natural products)


  • Drugs can have side effects
  • Drugs can cause addiction
  • Drugs can suppress the immune system
  • Pharmaceutical companies usually do not use natural herbs because they are expensive in large-scale (seemingly identical artificial chemicals have a similar healing effect but side effects too)
  • Some vaccines can cause autism and other illnesses (NOT all vaccines are bad, but there is always a risk, yet the benefits are often greater than risks).

On the other hand:

  • Fresh and natural food is nourishing and healing your body.
  • Natural remedies are not addictive and they do not have a side effect. That is why they are not called ‘drugs’.
  • Cheap natural options do not get funding for research, so the media and different institutions can easily state that the effect of natural remedies is not proven to be effective. Therefore, they are not promoted.

Important areas of our health are almost totally ignored from medical and scientific circles or they are labelled as ‘alternative’ and ‘complementary’. Companies and governments are telling us that we can use them, but only as an addition or supplement to drugs. Some of these are:

  • Meditation
  • Herbal remedies
  • Yoga
  • Energy healing
  • Praying and mantras

Your belief and thinking have a huge effect on your life (including your health). So it worth revealing the truth. It relates to all areas of your life, not just to food and medication. We can pose many questions

  • Do you believe to science? Do think ‘drugs’ are good for you? What about natural remedies? OR do you believe in your self-healing capabilities?
  • Do you believe to your doctor and to your therapist? Do you believe in natural healing?
  • Perhaps also worth to consider that the effectiveness of any therapy depends on the therapist and on the client’s belief (e.g. the therapists allegiance is usually ignored by the evidence-based medical model). So are we misled by the scientist who believe that their scientific researches are accurate. Is science a new religion that is telling us lies?

The healthy and balanced life and how to strengthen the immune system is not promoted and healthy life options are unaffordable for many people. Just a very few examples:

  • Herbal products
  • Organic food
  • Exercise (e.g. gyms where the focus is not on weight management and beauty but on health)
  • Cycle routes
  • Independent or self-sufficient lifestyle (e.g. growing your own food)

The materialism and consumerism are suppressing:

  • Ideas related to awareness
  • Self-help and independence (including the independence from the health care system)

But gradually the truth comes out. For example:

So be aware of your food. Eat healthy food, live healthy life and you can avoid drugs. Always question food product advertised on TV. If you need, use natural remedies and let your healthy food become your medicine.

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