Healing Crystals for Your Zodiac Sign

There are many types of healing crystals for your zodiac sign. There are hundreds of different healing crystals; some of them are matching your zodiac sign. Find your best match. The right one will contain the physical and emotional support that your body and soul needs.

With the rise in popularity of alternative healing therapies, the healing properties of crystals started to be revealed to the wider audience. This article explains how crystals are related to your zodiac sign. Learn about tumbled stones and their meanings! Each crystal has its own unique energetic and metaphysical properties.

We are all vibrating. Our vibration depends of our thoughts, feelings, food and environment. When it comes to our environment, it partly depends on where and where have you been born. The former, the relative positions of the stars and planets at the time of that birth aka zodiac sets some of your vibrations. Healing crystals can help to preserve and maintain the healthy balance of our energies and feelings in our aura and that harmonise our whole being. The healing itself is bringing harmony and balance into life.

Chose your zodiac sign to find out more about healing crystals for your zodiac sign and to find the best healing crystals for you:

  1. Healing Crystals for ARIES Zodiac Sign
  2. Healing Crystals for TAURUS Zodiac Sign
  3. Healing Crystals for GEMINI Zodiac Sign
  4. Healing Crystals for CANCER Zodiac Sign
  5. Healing Crystals for LEO Zodiac Sign
  6. Healing Crystals for VIRGO Zodiac Sign
  7. Healing Crystals for LIBRA Zodiac Sign
  8. Healing Crystals for SCORPIO Zodiac Sign
  9. Healing Crystals for SAGITTARIUS Zodiac Sign
  10. Healing Crystals for CAPRICORN Zodiac Sign
  11. Healing Crystals for AQUARIUS Zodiac Sign
  12. Healing Crystals for PISCES Zodiac Sign

Crystals Are Not Only Beautiful

Crystals are not only beautiful, but they are very powerful and depending on their material, colour and shape they have different properties. Each crystal has different characteristic. Different crystals have for different healing properties, which can help our body to synchronise with a crystal’s specific healing frequency. Like crystals, every zodiac sign has a set of characteristics. Therefore, each zodiac sign has a crystal that represents those qualities. Depending on our zodiac sign, our vibrations are different so we might need different crystals depending on our star sign. Certain healing crystals share their traits with certain astrological signs (like Aventurine and Aries), while others can help fine-tune and improve a sign’s habits (like Moonstone and Cancer).

Of course, there are other things that you need to consider when you are choosing your crystals. For example, the choice of your crystals most often will depend on your personal needs and health. For different life problems, health issues, aims and demands there are different crystals. However, this article focuses only on the crystals depending on your zodiac signs. Each zodiac sign has certain weaknesses could be improved if the right healing crystal is used. For example, some astrological signs are prone to a bad temper, so certain crystals can help them to remain calm. While others signs tend to be lethargic or lazy, so they can use crystals to help generate more energy.

Find the Best Mach

In order to find the best mach of the zodiac signs and crystals I used my prior knowledge, intuition and other web sources. In addition, a zodiac birthstone chart that was also very helpful. During my research, I also tried to match the colours of the star sign with the colour of the crystal as well. Beside the size and shape, colour of the crystal also determines its energy field. Colours are important factors in the vibration of the energy; different colours have different frequency. However, there are other important factors as well. You can find all the Stone Types on this website and all the Mineral Information and Esoteric Information.

Crystals are Pretty and Powerful

They can be key accessories in helping you tap into your intuition; harness the power of your intention and tune into your soul. And while different crystals have different properties − for example, Amethyst has a calming effect, boosts inner strength and provides spiritual protection. The vibration of some crystals matches the healthy frequency of certain astrological signs. Therefore, some of them are more beneficial for certain star signs and less useful for others.

Healing Crystals for ARIES Zodiac Sign

21st March – 20th April

Bloodstone for Aries

Bloodstone is widely regarded as a March (Aries) birthstone. The “classic” Bloodstone is green Jasper with red inclusions of Hematite. Jasper is listed as the Planetary stone for Aries. Aries suffers from anger management, competitiveness stemming from a lack of self-worth and a gigantic ego they cannot control. They want to be number one or they will refuse to participate. Bloodstone is used for dispelling negativity. It is also good for realigning the energy between gut, where fear resides, and their heart, where compassion resides. Balancing these two chakras allows Aries to enjoy that drive to compete, and allows them to do so as a team player.


Beside Bloodstone, Aquamarine is another March birthstones. Aquamarine stones have a strong energy to help them to let go of old emotional issues that do not serve them.


Carnelian might be also recommended. Aries could be very impulsive, which can lead to rage do drama. Therefore, in Middle Ages Carnelian was used for its blood-staunching and anger-calming effect. It helps blood circulation, rheumatism and stimulates the absorption of vitamins, nutrients and minerals. Carnelian is also known to complement their inner voice, giving them the confidence to counteract self-doubt. 


Whereas Garnet could enhance the energy, sending high vibrations throughout the body, which increases their endurance and it ensures they reach their highest potential during any type of performance.


One of the best Aries crystals to connect with is Citrine. It is is useful for manifesting their dreams and securely promoting their intentions.

Green and Red Aventurine

Green Aventurine helps Aries in harnessing leadership qualities by encouraging personal growth and helping to dissipate anger or annoyance, which the hotheaded Aries occasionally possesses. Red aventurine has similar features, works well with lower chakras, bringing enhanced sexuality, vitality and energy.

Use Amethyst for Self-healing

Amethyst is also often recommended to Aries. These crystals have high vibration. They embody the energy of the violet flame, a potent spiritual healing method that is helpful to assist self-healing.

Healing Crystals for TAURUS Zodiac Sign

21st April – 21st May

Rose Quartz for Tauruses

Taurus suffers from a paralyzing resistance to change, and from their own tendency to sticking to what’s traditionally secure, instead of paving their own way in the world. They also tend to get addicted to material comforts.  So Rose Quartz is a crystal that is used to heal the heart from emotional pain and disappointment. These are emotions that can lead to habitually sticking to what’s safe.


Carnelian energises Taurus to move forward when they are caught up in a sticky situation.


Pyrite, a wonderful stone for Taurus, brings an abundance of blessings in favour of their hard work and perseverance.


Kyanite  helps to form new and stronger connections. They might gain an increase in telepathic ability, emotional understanding, communication skills, and an increased ability in both sending and receiving healing energy. Kyanite may help to align the chakras. This has a calming effect, helps to align the chakras. Kyanite is an excellent stone when it comes to the working world.  Kyanite is keeping stress levels down. It may help to reduce ill feelings toward life like the feeling of being victimised or the feeling of the inevitability of disasters.


For those born under the Taurus sign, one of the most traditional zodiac stone is Jade. Jade is a hard, tough, strong, green crystal. It is a guardian harmoniser, which is a crystal that protects. They are outstanding stones to use in protecting their loved ones in the physical world. In the spiritual world, they protect their beliefs from their doubts. They can even consider this crystal as a stone for good luck.


Malachite is yet another traditional crystal associated with Taurus. This stone helps release stress and balance the left and right brain. It’s one of the only stones that can activate all chakras. Malachite is a excellent protector of children.


Amber is often associated with Taurus. It is worn to bring the power of the sun and combine it with the earth energy of ancient times to their lives. Wear Amber to connect to the natural, primal energies of Nature.

Healing Crystals for GEMINI Zodiac Sign

22nd May – 21st June

Citrine for Geminis

Geminis have trouble with being alone, sticking to one thing and finishing any one project before moving on to another. They also tend to run off at the mouth a lot, so they could benefit from Citrine‘s healing ability to inspire decisiveness and direct personal power in an effective way.


There a number of different types of Agate stones could be suitable for Geminis. All of these stones are a variety of Chalcedony minerals within the quartz group. Chalcedony minerals are encouraging self-expression and they are teaching the art of when to speak and when to keep quiet. The lovely Green and Blue Moss Agate is a strong stone to aid Geminis to connect with the vibration of Mother Gaia.  It resonates with lovely heart based energy. Fire Agates are highly protective stones that belong in this group. Alternatively, they may prefer to use Blue Lace Agate that brings a soft grounding energy, which will aid their communication abilities and soothe their nerves, because Geminis are often typically anxious.


Sapphire is a throat chakra stone, which gives it healing properties that aid the Gemini in communicating with others in a loving and effective way.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye can help Geminis mental strength and determination.


Gemini’s energy is very energetic and can benefit from the stabilizing and rejuvenating qualities of Apophyllite, which reduces stress and anxiety. This mineral helps to connect the physical and spiritual realms and amplifies the Gemini ability to connect in relationships by providing recognition of one’s own attitudes by self-reflection. The high water content of Apophyllite is a good counter for the airy nature of Gemini.

Rutilated quartz, Carnelian, Red Fire Quartz and Harlequin Quartz

Rutilated quartz has a unique ability to connect Geminis to their highest spiritual state. Carnelian promotes their joy and personal power. Some sources also recommend Red Fire Quartz and Harlequin Quartz. Altogether, these crystals work in tandem to enrich their life with new knowledge and everlasting wisdom.

Healing Crystals for CANCER Zodiac Sign

22nd June – 23rd July

Moonstone for Cancers

Cancer is, like its personal planet (the moon), a moody sign. Cancers have trouble feeling at home in themselves, in their bodies and in the world. They suffer from a lot of family dysfunction, especially with their mothers. So for Cancerians Moonstone is a good stone, because it carries a powerful healing feminine energy that encourages compassion for oneself and forgiveness for others. Moonstone, as the name suggests, it is connected directly to the moon and harnesses its energy. When they connect to moonstone, they call upon their free spirit to carry them through their journey. Moonstone brings to this zodiac sign inspiration and good mood. WhileRainbow moonstone helps their optimism.

Yellow, Orange and Red Crystals for Cancer Zodiac Sign

Balance Cancers energies by keeping yellow, peach and sunny orange colour crystals near. For example, with Amber. Citrine is their planet stone. Carnelian improves vitality, Ruby improves passion, while Rose Quartz helps to develop self-love. Red jasper is very beneficial for building stamina, helpings overcoming adversity to be a stable support system for their loved ones. Abalone Shell connects them to the changing tides and emotions of the sea, which makes them more perceptive to other people’s feelings.

Green Colour Crystals for Cancerians

The colour of hope and healing is green. These green crystals are beneficial for relationship. For example, Chrysoprase improves loyalty, while Emerald helps positive feelings towards others, communication and serenity. It helps Cancers in a doubtful situations and it is good if they have an Emerald nearby when they are facing a tough situation. Emerald is a legendary gemstone long believed to fore-show future events, reveal truths, strengthen memory and to aid someone to become a more eloquent speaker. Legends tell us it makes people more honest, sharpen one’s wit and reveal the truth of a lover’s oath.


The Silver is another good mineral for people born under the sign of Cancer; the silver is also related to the moon.

Healing Crystals for LEO Zodiac Sign

24th July – 23rd August

Black Onyx for Leos

Leo has a constant need for approval, attention and it has an addiction to drama and intensity. They also believe they must always be performing for others. Black Onyx is a powerful stone for emotional and physical stamina that is lost by the constant performance anxiety. It also helps balance energy during times of stress or times of emotional confusion.

Yellow and Gold Colour Stones for Leo Zodiac Sign

The ruling colours of this sign are yellow and gold. Garnet, the colour of the living fire is associated with the sun, which is the planet of the Leo sign. It can ignite their inner fire and fuel their passions.

If a Tiger’s Eye is charged by the sun, it can support their soul’s evolution as they grow older and wiser each day. Tiger’s eye has a fiercely protective energy and is a master tool for manifestation and unblocking creative abilities.

Any project they take on can be supported with Carnelian, which strengthens their personal power and stimulates their creative thinking. Carnelian is a stone of leadership, vitality and strength. By wearing this crystal, Leo will spark all of these innermost traits.

Other yellow(ish) or gold colour crystals for Leo are Golden Topaz, Sunstone, Yellow Sapphire, Rutilated Quartz and Muscovite. The Gold is said to be Leo’s lucky metal. Gold illustrates the flamboyance of Leo men and women, who are likely to adorn themselves in the bright and brilliant metal.

Peridot and Zircon for Leo Zodiac Sign

Peridot is the zodiac birthstone of Leo. It has been admired for thousands of years and the ancient Egyptians believed it to be associated with the sun, protecting those who wore it against the dangers of the night and evil spirits.

Zircon is said to be one of Leo’s modern birthstone as well. Zircon crystals or stones have an intense energy that is highly spiritual; it helps Leo’t to recognise their spiritual aspect.

Healing Crystals for VIRGO Zodiac Sign

24th August – 23rd September

There are many crystals that could be suitable for Virgos. Therefore , it is hard to chose the best ones to include here. Virgos have a debilitating perfectionist streak. They also suffer from health problems that are most likely brought on by anxiety about other people’s opinions. 

Peridot for Virgos

Peridot is a stone of transformation, one that opens a person up to receiving abundance from the universe, and helps release habitual negative patterns.

Red Jasper

One of their negative characteristics as a Virgo is that they tend to be less inclined to open their heart to others. Connecting to a supreme nurturer like Red Jasper grounds them and keeps them centred. Red Jasper inspires positivity and joy and gives them motivation to create and fulfill their dreams.


Another way to balance their chakras is through Kyanite, which is believed to bring energetic protection to help them go beyond their comfort zone. Once they gain enough courage to open their heart to something or someone new.


Jade is said to bring abundance and prosperity, while simultaneously getting them back in touch with nature and keeping them down to earth.


Citrine is the most powerful stone they can use to manifest their dreams and bring their intentions to life. With Virgos having perfectionist tendencies, Citrine helps to dissipate negative energy they may be holding when things aren’t perfect.  Celestite, is strongly linked to Mercury, the planet that rules Virgo. Their thinking can sometimes be limited by the practical and logical qualities of Virgo, but Celestite allows them to access their intuition and creativity. It is also known as the “fairy of good fortune,” so working with this crystal helps connecting with higher self, which is extremely beneficial.

Crystals suitable for Virgos are Carnelian, Blue Sapphire and Amazonite

Other crystals that might be, suitable for Virgo are Carnelian, Blue Sapphire and Amazonite. Carnelian deeply relaxes their mind, emotions and physical cells. Blue sapphire will energize the throat chakra and third eye chakra. Amazonite is a heart chakra, thymus or higher heart chakra and throat chakra stone. Amazonite will heighten loving communication and remove blockages in the nervous system. Aventurine is also good…

Healing Crystals for LIBRA Zodiac Sign

24th September – 23rd October

Tourmaline for Librans

Libra people suffer from co-dependency, and from a paralyzing inability to make a decision. They are extremely uncomfortable with confrontation because they rely on outward peace for their inner state of mind. Pink Tourmaline is a crystal that brings about inner peace by allowing the person who holds it to let go of extreme ways of thinking. This will help Libra stay calm, no matter what their outside circumstances look like, and will help them to think more independently. Both Blue and Green Tourmaline enhance their life energy. Rubellite and Watermelon Tourmaline represent love, compassion, and emotional balance. Brown Tourmaline encourages stability.

Lapis Lazuli

Librans can be guilty of indecisiveness since they tend to consider all factors of a situation, which stalls their decision-making process. To counteract this weakness, connect with Lapis Lazuli for solid decision-making, which assures peace of mind and assists them to express their opinion in a situation in a diplomatic way. Blue stones including Lapis Lazuli are linked to communication. Lapis lazuli helps intuition too.

Tiger Eye

Librans have a tendency to put other people needs before their own’s. Tiger Eye can balance their inner and outer needs.

Ametrine and Jade for Decision Making

Ametrine (Trystine) is great for balancing their options. It encourages them to go with their gut feeling and trust their intuition. Once, they have made their choice, it calm them and help them feel it was the right one. Jade (both nephrite and jadeite) could also be used to help them feel stable in their decisions.

Other Crystals for Libras

Additionally, Citrine promotes inner strength, their optimism and balance their yin and yang energies so that they can feel confident in the choices they make. For further security in their decision-making, Labradorite can clear and protect their entire aura.

Aventurine  represents Virgos and Librans. They are called “The Stone of Opportunity”.  It reduces stress, builds strong confidence, and improves creativity.

Healing Crystals for SCORPIO Zodiac Sign

24th October – 22nd November

Yellow Topaz for Scorpios

Scorpios are known as the most sexual sign, and have a tendency to shut down their sexual urges in unhealthy ways. They can be obsessive, manipulatively secretive, and struggle with jealousy and obsession. Yellow Topaz can help overcoming some of these problems as it activates the base chakra, strengthening one’s sense of personal willpower and personal worth.

Citrine, Malachite and Amethyst for Tranquility

In times of anger, Citrine, Malachite and Amethyst can restore their peaceful tranquility. Citrine is powerful at invoking feelings of happiness, joy and serenity. 

Malachite, a powerful Scorpio birthstone, transforms negative energy into positive vibrations to facilitate emotional healing. Malachite represents seduction, sensuality and beauty. Its green colour resonates with the heart chakra and it helps them to operate in higher chakras as well. Therefore, they can transfer themselves to discover their spiritual path instead of remaining in the depths of darkness of the lower root chakra. Scorpios could get a bad rap for their intensity of emotions because they want to feel things deeper than most. Regardless if they are good or bad, Malachite facilitates absorbing negative energies and aligning their chakras. It helps to expose and heal emotional pain and gives the insight needed for growth.

For the ultimate aura clearing treatment, Amethyst opens their crown chakra to bring the peace of mind.


Scorpios watery element causes them to feel deeply the energy around them. So by using Labradorite, they can protect their aura while bringing their strength and deeper understanding into their intuition.

Obsidian or Apache Tear to Master the Scorpio Energy

One of the karmic tasks for Scorpios is to master their energies. Black Obsidian is can be one of the most powerful stones to achieve this, as it takes them to their depth of psychological insight. WhileApache Tear is a lighter, more translucent variety of obsidian and may be gentler on the psyche. Snowflake Obsidian is another gentler version of obsidian that helps them to recognize the beauty in loneliness and deep meditation.

Jasper and Epidote for Scorpios

Jasper is the planetary stone for Mars − one of the ruling planets for Scorpio-borns − brings positive energy. TheUnakite Jasper (Epidote)brings a grounding and spiritual insight while facilitating the release bad emotions. Furthermore, Print Stone Jasper will give them a sense of well-being. It also helps with restful sleep, improves their body awareness, breathing, circulation, digestion and excretion.

Other Stones for Scorpios

The Beryl (Aquamarine) is known as the traditional birthstone for October. Beryl is useful for relieving the stress of its wearer and spread peace and joy.

Garnet is the gemstone of Pluto (Scorpio’s ruling planet). So this crystal is very important for this Zodiac sign to overcome depression and negative thoughts.

In addition, Ruby brings out mental peace and improves confidence.

Healing Crystals for SAGITTARIUS Zodiac Sign

23rd November – 21st December

Ruby for Sagittarii Relationships

Sagittarius has a fear of commitment that manifests in a disruptive tendency to run away and live a more nomadic lifestyle. They become bored easily and can run to the next exciting thing, unhappy with what they have. Therefore,Ruby is a stone that can help as it increases passion within relationships. It has protective qualities that allow a Sagittarius to blaze the trail and discover their new opportunities safely.


Amethyst crystals are powerful to heal and calm as they embody the violet flame. This Sagittarius birthstone is an excellent crystal to keep them relaxed. So Amethyst can help them to reduce fear, anger and stress.


They are constantly searching for new adventures to take them for another ride. Therefore, Bronzite can act as a powerful catalyst for change in their life.


While Citrine can help reconnect them with their inner self, enabling them to stay true to whom they are deep down inside their soul.

Topaz for Love and Success

Topaz is the traditional stone for a Sagittarian, which is known as the true stone of love and success. It helps to achieve goals and find inner self. It guides to the unknown and there gives energy to and helps to trust the universe. This way the mask and fear disappears. So Sagittarius becomes more open. Therefore, there is no obstacle for abundance and all the good things can flow into their life. Topaz promotes forgiveness and truth. It demolishes and removes doubts and strengthens their beliefs. It unleashes imagination and wakes up intuition. Topaz stones and Amethyst crystals combined are powerful in bringing a very soothing relaxed feeling. Topaz is able to help Sagittarian to be aware what is the most important for them. It is also said that this stone can open their mind to new adventures.


No matter what challenge they face next, Turquoise can help enhance their natural intuition, providing them with just the right amount of guidance to see through things. Turquoise is worn to protect Sagittarius from negative energies too. This tumblestone is one of the oldest stones, so it carries a lot of wisdom and truth. As a result, Turquoise helps them to understand themselves better and to pay more attention to their emotions.

Healing Crystals for CAPRICORN Zodiac Sign

22nd December – 29th January

Tiger’s Eye for Capricorns

Capricorns are career obsessed, often using their ambition as a way to avoid intimacy or interpersonal relationships. They also may have familial dysfunction, trying to gain the approval of their father, or of society at large. Tiger’s Eye is good resolving these issues, because this crystal facilitates communication without anxiety or fear. Tiger’s eye dispels anxiety and fear, allowing the owner to make decisions that are not influenced by their emotions without shutting those emotions down.


If they are interested in working toward their heavenly self, Azurite can help stimulate their divinity. This is another way to practice what they preach is through an energetic cleanse, which can open their heart and encourage acceptance of others.


They can perform an energetic cleanse with Peridot, which is considered to remove envious feelings to ultimately aid their relationships.


Garnet is a Capricorn’s traditional birthstone, which is removing energy blockages throughout their chakras, rejuvenates their spirit, implementing serene vibrations.


Ruby is also one of their traditional stone. Ruby’s is a very hard stone and are among the treasures of the world. Ruby is prescribed by crystal healers for helping blood circulation. It represents hearth, love and friendship. Aids when a mother gives birth to a baby.


Hematite is another traditional stone for Capricorns. It is known as the “Stone for the Mind”; sorting out their thoughts and mind is a lot easier when they have Hematite by their side. Hematite is known for enhancing relationships and communication. This strong stone helps the formation of red blood cells too.


Obsidian is for Capricorns too! This stone helps them to relax, promotes compassion and strength.


Pyrite is a powerful stone for the persistent Capricorn sign! This crystal is a powerful tool in manifestation, boosting prosperity and abundance.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is an uplifting stone for Capricorn to attract joy and positive energy. This stone is associated with boosting confidence, optimism and releasing negative thoughts.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz works if Capricorns need protection or grounding energy. This detoxifying crystal aids in purging any negative energy, anger, jealousy and fear.

White Howlite

White Howlite is a soothing crystal, a sacred stone associated with relaxing nerves, relieving tension, stress and frustration.

Onyx and Jet are also helpful for Capricorns.

Healing Crystals for AQUARIUS Zodiac Sign

21st January – 19th February

Hematite for Aquarius Self-esteem

Aquarians are rebels to a fault; they have a need to stand out because they are terrified of finding out that in fact, they are just as deluded as the rest of us. Hematite helps to bolster self-esteem by allowing the holders to see themselves more clearly, getting rid of all the negative beliefs that cloud their ability to see themselves for who they are.

Aquamarine for Conflicts and Communication

Aquamarine is arguably the best stone to use with Aquarian energy. When conflicts arise, aquamarine could be used to strengthen their ideals of community and help enable them to practice forgiveness. It helps communication and expressing long-held resentments and emotions. So no wonder,this is a stone for the Throat Chakra. This crystal invokes the higher states of consciousness as it activates the third eye chakra. Aquamarine helps personal development and projecting the future.

Yellow Jasper and Rainforest Jasper

At times when they feel hurt or betrayed by those close to them, Yellow Jasper can heal wounds that still burden their mind. Rainforest Jasper enhances creativity.

Clean the Aquarius Energies with Amethyst

Connecting to their birthstone, which is Amethist, they can bring their mind, body and spirit back into balance as it grounding the air and water.  It can help them to determine what changes to make while they are moving to a new phase of their life period. It is also a carrier of fire and creativity. This is an ideal crystal for spiritual seeker because it cleanses the aura and helps the clear-headed thinking.


As they are beginning to make changes and they are starting to step into the future, Garnet, the stone of commitment, helps them to recognise those people and activities that they love and want to stay loyal to. Garnet is also a grounding stone. Garnet is protective stone that brings fire, aids with melancholy and is a symbol of love and truth.


Amber is a fossilized resin, a powerful healer clearing an overactive mind and promotes the release of negative energy. It is great to use when cleansing, heals the past and protects the future. This resinous substance is grounding and helps Aquarius connect with earth energy (as it often contains ancient bits of leaves, insects or tree bark).


The moon is strongly associated with water as is Aquarius. Therefore, Moonstone is useful for enhancing all the wonderful Aquarius energy.

Healing Crystals for PISCES Zodiac Sign

20th February – 20th March

Aquamarine for Emotional Disorders of Pisces

Pisces are escapists with a deep fear of asserting boundaries. They suffer from emotional disorders, as well as addiction, due to their extreme sensitivity. Aquamarine, the Pisces birthstone, can bring them insight, especially when they are questioning their own intuition. It can also unveil underlying emotions they may be harbouring toward others, or even themselves. Therefore, Aquamarine is a perfect meditation crystal for them. Aquamarine helps to soothe tumultuous emotions, and to inspire the holder to accept the truth by sweeping away the delusions that cloud their vision of reality.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli stones promote honesty. They can help finding their truth and enlightenment too.


Turquoise is also very good for meditation, healing and letting go the past. It has anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects. Purifies lungs, soothes and clears sore throats. Aids the knowledge and encourages the true and honest speaking in all situations. It stimulates and harmonizes the Throat Chakra. Also, it relieves stress and brings focus back to the center heart.


Bloodstone also helps to retain the emotional balance of Pisces; it gives the grounded energy and it helps Pisces to remain in the moment.


Wearing to Chrysocolla can help soothe a broken heart as well as help them work through their feelings and express them clearly in each of their relationships.

Amethyst for spiritual revival and clear thinking

When they are in need of a spiritual revival, Amethyst can calm them down and bring a pleasurable sense of relaxation. It is a protection crystal that is very beneficial for the sensitive Pisces. Helps learning and clear thinking. It helps to repel drunkenness, helps detoxification, soothes pain and release tension, especially for migraine sufferers.

Fluorite for Balancing the Pisces Life

Fluorite is associated with the elements of air and water. It is the zodiac signs of Capricorn and Pisces. Also, the stone of the heart, throat, and third eye chakras, depending on the type (colour) of the specimen in question. Fluorite serves a dual purpose. It is not only the birth crystal, but as also good for medication. In addition, this mineral helps balance Pisceans brains, so they can concentrate. Fluorite is also helping in balancing the positive and negative relationships of the mind.

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